Version history

Version 8.3.0

-  changed to .NET4.8, many improvements with POP3 and SMTP

Version 8.2.0

-  added the option to delete mails older than 30 days in the mailbox

Version 8.1.0

-  fixed a bug with the “delete after forward” option

Version 8.0.0

-  fixed a pop3 timeout problem: some pop3 server would cut the connection after a short timeout

Version 7.9.0

-  workaround: invalid “MAIL FROM:” stopps Pop2exchange

Version 7.8.0

-  Bugfix: fixed wrong character encoding (i.e. with iso8859-1)

Version 7.7.0

-  Bugfix: mails where not deleted in the mailbox if there is a very large number of mails to retrieve, and some other minor bugs

Version 7.5.0

- passwords will now not be shown until the “show passwords” checkbox is checked

Version 7.4.0

- changed to .NET Framework 4.0 / 64Bit.
When a message contained 8bit message/rfc822 parts, the GetMime method did not properly emit the MIME. This was fixed.

Version 7.3.0

- fixed a bug which issued a fault message when the POP3 port has been changed by a profile.

Version 7.2.0

- Socket.TlsRenegotiate — fixed a problem that occurred under certain conditions when the SslAllowedCiphers property is set to restrict TLS cipher suite choices.

Version 7.1.0

- German umlauts disappeared in iso-8859-1 encoded mails.

Version 7.0.0

- Fixed minor coding problems. Changed the handling of invalid FROM addresses, so email retrieval will not get stuck

Version 6.9.5

- Fixed a problem where the POP3 connection would timeout while sending several thousand mails to the server at once

Version 6.9.1

- Changed password dialogue: does not show the password any more

Version 6.8.0

- fixed a bug that caused loosing the unlock code in some rare situations

Version 6.7.0

- complete redesign of the coding part to get rid of the coding errors

Version 6.5.0

- fixed some charset problems on multipart/related mails

Version 6.4.0

added error handling for SMTP 5XX errors (i.e. 552 Message size exceeds limit), rejected mail will then be saved to file.

Version 6.0.18

some enhancements to get correct encoding

Version 6.0.18

- fixed a bug when taking over old configurations. Then SMTP port got set zo 0

- fixed some charset problems on multipart mails

Version 6.0.14

complete redesign to support all common TSL/SSL encryptions for POP3 and SMTP

Version 5.4.0

add alphabetical sorting of profiles

Version 5.3.0

fixed some situation where logging was missing

Version 5.2.0

fixed: after deleting a profile, the “is active” information of other profiles screwed up

Version 5.0.1


- a profile can now be made inactive, so it will be excluded from the mail check

- the TCP/IP ports for the SMTP and POP3 protocol can now differ from the standard ports

- we added mail syncronisation using the mail-id’s. If you decide to leave the mails on the server
  (delete after forward = off), Pop2Exchange will now be able to determine if a message was deleted externaly or is new to the mailbox.



- fixed a bug that would create wrong addressees when a mail was send with multiple BCC addresses

- Addressed several problems with UTF-8 encoded messages

- Corrected various issues concerning 'Header folding' 

Version 4.4.0

- rewritten the error handling to ensure the stability of the service. Please update to this version
   by installing over your current version.

Version 4.2

- fixed a bug that would stop the service.

Version 4.0

- fixed a coding problem: In some rare cases the mail subject line was displayed wrong.
- Improved detection for the presence of the collecting mailserver (Exchange)

Changes in Version 3.7.0

fixed a Bug that causes Pop2Exchange to get stuck if the name of an attachment is invalid.
Improved compatibility with real-time virus scanner.
improved speed due to a better memory usage

Changes in Version 3.6.0

- added additional error handling for protocol errors to improve stability

Changes in Version 3.5.8

- added a filter feature for collection accounts. The delivery domains can now be specified.

Changes in Version 3.5.6

- The Netsky virus did produce the errors #70 (Permission denied) and 11101 (error in protocol), because it creates invalid email addresses and attachment names that will be rejected by the exchange server.

Changes in Version 3.5.5

- fixed a bug the service would stop working caused by a full eventlog.
- changed the behaviour on Error# 11101 (mail not accepted by the Exchange Server)

Changes in Version 3.5.0

- fixed a bug where Pop2Exchange would get stuck, if a mail has no “to:” line in the header (affects only collection accounts->when you left the “Forward to” line empty). Those mails will be sent to undisclosed-recipients now. This means that you would get an NDR (Non-Delivery Report). If you want to send those mails to a specific mailbox, please add the SMTP address undisclosed-recipients@yourdomain to the mailbox addresses

Changes in Version 3.4.5

- fixed a situation, where the program would get stuck with error#0

Changes in Version 3.4.1

- fixed a misbehaviour with NDR’s (non-delivery reports) would not be generated when using a collection account. If a destination did not exist there were no error message generated.

Changes in Version 3.4.0

- fixed a bug where “starting minimized” would hang Pop2Exchange if the service is also running

- fixed wrong handling of Chinese big5 coding

- fixed error handling for socket errors for situations behind firewalls

Changes in Version 3.3.0

- fixed a bug with the collection accounts

- The original addressees are displayed correctly now

- fixed a situation were NDR’s would not be generated correctly

Changes in Version 3.2.0

-fixed a bug which slowed Pop2Exchange down, because of multiple mail retrieval.

- added some handing routines that makes the transfer saver.

Changes in Version 3.1.0

- added support for smtp.auth

- fixed coding bug when sender name includes a comma and a non UTF-8 Character

Changes in Version 3.0.0

- removed double virus checked texts when getting a reply mail

- Added more support for unusual message formats

- Fixed a problem with charset

- Will now QP encode text attachments with spaces properly

- Correctly delimit addresses with commas in Addresses collection

- Fix for improper error recovery when receiving a 550 error from an SMTP server

- fixed installation so it will start the service again if it was running

Changes in version 2.9.0

- Fixed a bug which prevents the service from starting, if installation is not on drive C:

Changes in version 2.8.0

- fixed situations where the service won’t start automatically

- improved the logging feature

- added a button to change the admin password

- fixed some minor bugs